Spain, Barcelona

Another bloody ryan air flight and we arrived in Girona, Spain. It was getting a bit late, about 21.00, so we decided to catch the first bus, either Girona city, or Barcelona. We arrived in Barcelona station and jumped on the internet in search of a hostel. On the metro in to town one guy tried to pick pocket me as I was getting out. 20 minutes later as we were searching for our hostel in a dimly lit and mostly unpopulated area another friendly local was eager to greet us. I very politely told him to F-off to which he seemed well accustomed. Our first 2 nights in this hostel were very comfortable, but we soon learned, surprise surprise, that there was the biggest festival of the year approaching next weekend. Of course this meant availability was low and prices were high. Still, we managed to find 2 more hostels. To complete our stay, we spent the last night 30km outside of Barcelona with our couch surfing friends that we hosted in Melbourne Alan and Marta. Was fantastic to stay with them, really felt like catching up with old mates. Also caught up with Manuel, another great guy we hosted, who was conveniently working in a bar as part of the festival.

We’ve seen some of Gaudi’s work before, and it is fantastic, but didn’t bother too much with it this time. We visited Picasso’s museum one day. It was ok, but was too much about his growing up and early works for me. I want to see the stuff that makes him famous. We also had a trip to Figueres to see Dali’s museum. Apart from the Russian tourists it was great. I think I would have to say Dali is my favourite artist. Was extra cool to see some of his 3D works, such as jewellery, with moving pieces including a beating heart.

As we hadn’t been pick pocketed yet, we figured we could afford dinner on the beach. It was a really nice set up and dinner to match. One glass of cava, the local champagne, and the fireworks began…. if you know what I mean….

This was part of the festival, along with lots of parades of giants, human castles, an incredible laser show, and more fire works than you could believe. One of the craziest things I’ve ever seen, the fire run, is thousands of people dancing around under fireworks for two hours. The fireworks come from people involved in the event as well as dragons, horses, dragons, centipedes and more dragons. Most people are as covered up as possible, others choose to take on the sparks bare chested. We were well positioned on a window ledge for a perfect view, although when the fireworks were spraying on us we obviously had no where to run. We climbed down and got amongst it when the boss dragon came along at the end.

Dude taking it on the chest. Tough!

A lot more cool pictures here!