Natural Croatia- Plitvice

Saturday, 8.30am, 4.5 hour bus ride, 150 km and Curly and Dasha arrived to Plitvice. We arrived with no accommodation booked. Speaking to people this could be an expensive problem. We walked up to the first hotel we saw with the intention of asking for directions to the tourist information, but instead accepted the very last room they had available at a very reasonable price.

Plitvice – a very big choice to make – two distinctly different and equally beautiful steeply undulating forests, a big cave with a secretive side chamber twisting left and right amongst bulky rock formations in complete dankness, 80m high sheer cliffs, or 16 lakes, filled with clearer than crystal waters, inter-connected by scores of waterfalls, falling hundreds of metres from the highest to lowest lake, created naturally in a most unique way, involving rocks, algae, moss and travertine. The answer was quite simple – all of the above. Friends, welcome to Plitvice National Park! Arguably the most beautiful place on Earth.

Honestly, we must have seen over 100 individual places which would be a tourist destination of beauty on their own. These truly beautiful forests are also home to bears, wolves, otters and other little critters, not that we saw any in the wild. The highlight though is definitely the waterfalls and lakes, filled with fish and ducks. The unique and bizarre way that these are formed and continually changing (best described in the photo below) adds to the wonder and amazement.

Think of the most amazing fairytales combined with the best of Hollywood. I could never possibly dream a place like this. The water finds the easiest path as always, but then the travertine rock builds up, causing the water to change path. Sometimes it builds open chutes and even closed tubes. The big lakes are formed as this growth of travertine spreads laterally to form walls with multiple waterfalls across its length. Sometimes you can find smaller channels and waterways off the main track. The grass that grows everywhere, clinging on to the top of waterfalls like natures own hair, blowing in the currents, looks purely amazing. All of the colours are so vibrant, so alive. The whole place feels full of life and energy. The lakes are surrounded by magnificent forests and powerful sheer cliffs. The highest waterfall is 80 metres high, falling down a straight cliff face. The concentration of diverse natural beauty makes Plitvice an incredible area. We spent 2 days walking around and catching the ferries across the lakes and were constantly amazed. The only shame was that you couldn’t go swimming, because that upsets the natural process that has formed these amazing lakes and waterfalls. If you are going to go to Croatia, go to Plitvice National Park.

More pictures as usually can be found here.

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  1. That place looks alright 😉 can’t believe you controlled yourself, your naked tendencies, love of water and trouble making. Simply amazing!

  2. I only recently I’d completely missed your trip in between Latvia & the Atlantic trip… Re-living it all again.

    How good is Plitvice!!

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