Tsaricyno palace

Our host was a young married couple and their 15 month old daughter, full of smiles and energy. Gave us a great place to stay and made us feel at home. We caught up with Dasha’s old friend Sasha and went for a walk around the city. It felt like a really big city, but not too overwhelming or over powering. Some really big buildings, but really cool old big buildings. Good vibes all round. We had decided we didn’t want to do museums and churches and the other boring touristy stuff, rather we would hang out with the locals and feel the city from their point of view. To the pub!

War museum
War museum: remembrance hall

We were also lucky enough to be in Moscow for couch surfing day, which happens to coincide with Russia day. About a dozen of us grabbed some beers and went to a small park, just far enough away from some of the other locals who most likely had no idea it was Russia day, but thought it appropriate to drink in the park anyways (and always). Off to a restaurant to continue the party, where they served sushi, as does every third* restaurant in Moscow. We also managed to meet a Mexican dude who promised to host us when we get to Mexico City, so very much looking forward to that and again learning a big city from the point of view of the insiders.

couch surfers

*Statistics were taken by looking out the window at 2 other restaurants.