Road trip with me ladies

So since Curly buggered off to France or elsewhere, me and my 3 other friends Julie, Ksusha and Katia decided it’s time to explore some local Latvian beauties that people tend to postpone for later and go to Egypt or Turkey for vacation instead. We got a car from Julie’s grandmother, which shared the age with her, but nevertheless was serving us really well and headed towards the coast in desire to escape the 35 degree heat in the city.

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Hooray! Dasha’s Birthday!

Zhenya flew with me to Riga, so Dasha’s actual birthday consisted of a romantic stroll around the city, row boat down the canal and dinner for 3. But the party itself was the next day… and the next day and the next day, with a dozen or more closest friends and a heap of shashliks (meat skewers) helping the celebrations along. The theme for the party was Hippies versus Gypsies, and no surprises the Gypsies won. It was still hilarious watching a hippie join in a game of beach volleyball with some randoms.

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Latvia, Midsummers!

Latvia. Home again.

Time to farewell Russia. It has been quite an amazing journey. And I highly rate both Lake Baikal, Lake Teletskoe (shame we didn’t get to explore the Altai Mountains a bit more), Moscow and Saint Petersburg. So time to do what we do best, catch another train. This train, or at least our carriage, was a different class to previous, Obshiy, which is one lower than Platzkart. This means that a bench seat is allocated to 3 people, and the bed above is a first in best slept arrangement. Of course that wasn’t us. So the 2 of us had to sleep sitting up. Worst night on a train ever! I highly recommend avoiding that class if you plan on travelling Russia or anywhere near.

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