Vinales- tobacco farms, caves and tourists

Tobacco farm

Next day we woke up after 2 hours nap to catch a morning bus to Vinales. Arriving at the bus station 40 min before the buses scheduled departure, we got stuck in a queue to buy tickets for our touristy expensive bus waiting for locals to buy tickets for their locals bus. By the time we reached the cashier, she spontaneously stood up and went away to solve another passenger’s problem. 20 min until bus…15…10 min…She returns just to let us know that there are no more seats on the bus…Very rudely. What a b…! Never mind, we went out of the station, found two germans and caught a taxi for 2 cuc more and got there at least an hour before our full bus got there, which gave us more time and opportunities to shop around for a casa. Our casa in Vinales cost us 20 cuc per night for a room. The cassa owner would advertise it as a very friendly place with a pool, where you cn relax in hot weather. Sure thing you can, but it doesn’t mean the pool will save you from the heat, since there is no water in it. Eventually the pool would get filled with dodgy soapy non transparent water. Not very inviting. Anyhow, we didn’t have much time for a leisurely sit in a pool, because beautiful Vinales waited to be explored.

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Hiking in Dominica

Передвод слова хаикинг я так и не придумала и не нашла, поэтому буду тупо писать “хаикинг”, пока не изобрету альтернативы. 🙂
Доминику называют островом природы на Карибах. И не зря. Остров вулканического происхождения с высокими пиками, которые создают свой микроклимат и и поэтому остров не страдает от недосдатка воды или засухи (Антига видимо страдала). Самый высокий пик на Доминике 1447 метра- Морн Диаблотин. Слышали что хаик туда просто зверски тяжёлый, но по прибытию наверх открывается умопомрачительный вид на остров и можно видеть оба берега- восточный и западный. Мы туда не дошли, нужно что-то оставить на следующий раз. 🙂

Доминика- остров сказка, остров мечта…

Я долго думала какую же фотографию выбрать заглавной…Думаю эта хорошо демонстрирует почему я влюблена в эту страну, в этот остров- необузданные красочные джунгли и необыкновенные очень гостеприимные люди..хоть они и не выглядят здесь очень уж гостеприимно с мачете в руках…тем не менее вам придётся поверить мне на слово. 🙂

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Which way? yes yes, this way! Norway!

I loved every second of it. I was quiet happy and excited about going alone somewhere and spending time by myself. I got to Oslo late at night because our funny flight was delayed. Funny it was because drunken russian girls (who else?!) would smoke in the toilet and disturb everyone around, making me feel embarrassed to be russian, as always. Lucky my couch surfer was nice enough to meet me even late at night, even knowing that I am going away the next morning and share his lovely couch. Martin was his name. Thank you Martin!

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