Как я искала яхту чтобы перейти Атлантику.

Итак, мы прилетели в Лас Палмас из Малаги. Для меня, Канарские острова каким-то образом всегда казались дорогими, райскими островами, с пальмами и белыми песками,но к моему великому разочарованию ничего подобного в Гран Канарии я не нашла.

Las Palmas

Another short flight and we were descending toward Gran Canaria. From here the picture was not at all what we were expecting. A green tropical paradise it most definitely was not. It is a brown, dry, harsh, rocky Island, generally peaked at the centre and tapering down in all directions. Our primary reason, however, was not for a tropical holiday, or in fact to explore the island at all. We were staying in Las Palmas with the intention of hitch hiking on a boat across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.

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